Diaphragm-Seal DS-FERRULE

Sanitary diaphragm seal. The diaphragm is flush welded to the body construction.
It is mostly used in food and beverage industries, food industries, water processings and others where hygienic process condition are required.

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Diaphragm Seal Model : DS-Ferrule


Instrument connection : Capillary, 1/4″, 1/2″ NPT female
Process connection : Clamp
Process temperature : -45 + 150C
Filling liquid : Silicone oil, glycerin
Pressure range : 0 – 60 bar
Diaphragm : SS316L
Body : SS316


Gallery for Pressure Gauge OCTA Gauge with Diaphragm seal

Gallery for Pressure Gauge OCTA Gauge electric contact with Diaphragm seal